Creating great teams that create great products.

I have spent my career working in teams, leading teams and building teams within the digital products space. 

My talent is for designing the right people, process and tools to deliver upon a strategy that will drive adoption and growth.

How I Can Help

Unlock growth with a customer focussed plan of where you will play and how you will win. 

Connect research, strategy, roadmaps and delivery to ensure customer value is delivered.

Structure cross-functional teams to maximize flow, ownership, and alignment.

Embody the principles of agile and support team members to achieve them.

Product Culture Pyramid

The Product Culture Pyramid brings to light the pivotal role of product culture in the success of SaaS companies. Authored by an industry-leading expert, this book is designed to help you understand, build, and maintain a strong product culture that aligns with your business objectives.

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Product Strategy Bridge

The Product Strategy Bridge provides a comprehensive approach to product strategy. In this book, the authors, offer a step-by-step framework for aligning product strategy with business goals and execution.

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Product Ops Pillars

Product Ops Pillars is the first book to provide an accessible summary of what modern Product Operations looks like. You'll learn how to improve your team's performance and efficiency, which tools are essential, and how to design an operating model that will keep your company on top.

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Product Ops People Podcast

Join me as I talk with Product Leaders around the world about how Product Ops is growing and uniting product led companies.

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